In depth persona development that defines your target audience

The Challenge

Develop multiple integrated dealer target audience personas for technician recruitment. Drive awareness, change perception and engagement with Caterpillar and its dealers as a brand of choice. Continue to fill the applicant pipeline for dealers for future technician solutions.


At Brush Art, our planning process is grounded in market and audience insight. It is a collaborative process that is scaled according to the challenge or opportunity in front of us. Typically, it all begins with listening. Listening to you to understand your goals. Listening to your customers to understand what compels them to engage with and trust your brand. For this project, our listening was a bit more passive and lot more creative. We tapped into available data to get a full view of market dynamics and competitive activities and delved further into the behavior and mindsets of prospective audiences. We worked collaboratively and by using the insights we gleaned; our team pushed for bold ideas and compelling stories that could be executed within the timeline and budget. We didn’t stop at the first idea; we explored options to ensure our findings aligned with your and our expectations for quality.


Development of in-depth profiles and reaching the target individuals. The development of each target persona includes research and partner services, creative assets of the audience profiles, team member meetings and extensive discovery results.