Powerful Digital Marketing & Proven ROI

Many agencies offer digital marketing capabilities, few can deliver strong
digital results, and even fewer will go the extra mile to help you develop
custom solutions to provide real value for your company.

The Challenge

“Is there anyway we can know if these leads are ending up in sales?” “We want to monitor and understand the ROI of our marketing investments, especially on the digital front.” We are happy to answer these questions for our clients, and we did just that for Cashco.

The Tactic

To start, we fully researched the capabilities of the CRM system our customer was implementing. We then integrated metrics from the full digital spend through control panels and dashboards that enable the tracking of all leads from their original touch point. This follows the prospect through the nurturing process all the way through to the completion of the final transaction.

The customer has 24/7 access to the overall performance of each digital channel utilized including programmatic, SEM, industry web banners, and organic and paid search.

January 2020 – December 2020
5,253,555 Impressions
41, 707 Interactions
1.5 Quote Requests Per Day